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“Monarch of Madison” Not Going Quietly

By Carrie Severino | April 13th, 2015

Last Friday’s Wall Street Journal ran an editorial calling out Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Shirley Abrahamson for filing the ridiculous lawsuit that Ed mentioned on Thursday:

On Tuesday Wisconsin voters approved a constitutional amendment changing the way the state selects the chief justice. The seat has been held by the longest serving justice—currently liberal Justice Shirley Abrahamson. Under the new method, the chief justice will be selected every two years by a vote of the justices on the court.

Ms. Abrahamson, faced with the prospect of being demoted by her six fellow justices, has sued in federal court to invalidate the change. In a Section 1983 civil-rights lawsuit, Ms. Abrahamson claims the provision “would deny her right to the office of chief justice, an office she intends to continue to hold in accordance with the terms of her most recent reelection until 2019.”

As it turns out, “Ms. Abrahamson’s lawyer is Robert Peck, a member of the board of directors of George Soros’s Justice at Stake. The group wants to end state judicial elections and replace them with nominating commissions that allow state bar associations to hand-pick judges.”

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