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Internal Government Document Shows ‘Moonlight Fire’ Investigators Deliberately Covered Up A Stoned Fire Lookout

By Jonathan Keim | January 22nd, 2015

When a government’s desire for revenue exceeds its desire to obey the law, the truth goes right out the window. Newly-unredacted court filings confirm that the U.S. Forest Service clearly engaged in a cover-up of employee wrongdoing simply because it wanted to win a case against a deep-pocketed logging company.

Deposition testimony had previously indicated that one of Cal Fire’s lookouts — the people who are supposed to catch small fires before they become big fires — was high on marijuana at the time the Moonlight Fire started. Another employee had caught the lookout with drug paraphernalia and smelling like marijuana, and by the time she left the lookout’s station, the fire’s smoke plume was quite large.

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