Conservative Groups Launch Campaign for Trump Judicial Nominees, Call for #GridlockReform to End Senate Democrat Abuse

by JCN | August 18th, 2017

JCN launching $500,000 ad campaign; SBA, TPP, CVA and CWA lead movement-wide grassroots effort


WASHINGTON – Conservatives are engaging in a movement-wide grassroots campaign urging gridlock reform of Democratic efforts to block well qualified judicial nominees from filling a growing number of federal court vacancies.  As part of this effort, Judicial Crisis Network is launching a $500,000 digital ad campaign. Additionally, conservative grassroots groups led by Tea Party Patriots, Concerned Veterans for America, Susan B. Anthony List, and Concerned Women for America are activating their grassroots teams and will launch email campaigns, phone banks, email alerts to fellow activists, and drive attendance at town halls hosted by Democratic Members of Congress.

Judicial Crisis Network’s #GridlockReform Ad:



Ad script below:

“Democrats are abusing Senate rules to delay and obstruct President Trump’s extraordinary judicial nominees because they want to keep liberal activist judges in control of our courts. Because of their gridlock, there are now far more judicial vacancies than there were when President Trump took office, and he began with a record number.  There are almost 140 open seats on the federal bench waiting to be filled, with many more piling up.  This Democratic obstruction can end by reforming the so-called ‘blue slip’ process and adopting Senator Lankford’s gridlock reform proposal to debate each nominee for eight hours or less and give them a prompt up or down vote.” – Judicial Crisis Network’s Chief Counsel Carrie Severino.

When President Trump took office in January, there were 105 judicial vacancies.  That number has risen to almost 140 vacancies in just over seven months, and many more are expected. Senate Democrats are blocking these nominees from getting a fair vote by taking the unprecedented step of demanding 30 hours of debate for every single nominee, wasting countless hours of floor time that could be used to confirm the leaders of our government or debate important policy issues.  Apart from creating dozens of judicial vacancies, the Democrat gridlock tactics mean there is currently no confirmed U.S. Solicitor General, no confirmed head of National Security in the Department of Justice, and many other agencies still don’t even have their top leaders confirmed.

Script of the #GridlockReform Ad:






Democrats Abusing Senate Rules

Gridlock Obstruction














Call Your Senators

(202) 224-3121

Stop the Democrats’ Obstruction





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It’s a hidden scandal.

Democrats abusing Senate rules.

Using gridlock and obstruction to keep liberals in control of our courts.


There are now more vacancies than when Trump took office.


Democrats will do anything to keep their liberal activist judges in charge.


President Trump has kept his promise, nominating principled judges, believers in the Constitution.


Now do your part,


Tell your Senators, support Senator Lankford’s gridlock reforms to stop the obstruction.