The Judicial Crisis Network Launches Six-Figure Ad Thanking Senator Grassley

by JCN | January 11th, 2018

WASHINGTON – The Judicial Crisis Network is launching a ten day, six-figure digital and television ad campaign that will air on cable network shows in Des Moines, Iowa thanking Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for his role in confirming President Trump’s exceptional judicial nominees. The ad praises Senator Grassley for his “independence and hard work” that have seen a record number of circuit court judicial confirmations. JCN is running similar ads thanking President Trump and Senator McConnell, respectively, for their roles in appointing and confirming exceedingly well-qualified judicial nominees.

Statement from Judicial Crisis Network Chief Counsel and Policy Director, Carrie Severino:

“The fearless leadership of Senator Grassley has been key to the record number of judicial confirmations during President Trump’s first year. Senator Grassley has done an excellent job in leading the Senate Judiciary Committee in confirming brilliant judicial nominees to fill the federal bench. I look forward to more judicial confirmations soon under the leadership of Senator Grassley.”

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“The most in recent history” – Axios, 11/28/17

“Grassley’s work behind the scenes to overcome Democrats’ opposition”-Washington Examiner, 11/5/17

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Senator Grassley is on a roll.Under his leadership, the Senate Judiciary Committee has confirmed a record number of circuit court judges.

Judges with impeccable qualifications, defenders of the constitution, believers in the rule of law.

The media and partisan critics have tried everything to slow down the process or block these outstanding judges.

But Senator Grassley works, and Senator Grassley delivers.

Through his independence and hard work, Senator Grassley makes Iowa proud.