Coalition Statements of Support for Kyle Duncan

by JCN | November 9th, 2017

Tea Party Patriots – Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin
“Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund and our network of grassroots activists thank President Trump for nominating Kyle Duncan to serve on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in his native Louisiana. Mr. Duncan has a distinguished legal resume, serving the state of Louisiana as solicitor general and standing up for Americans’ First Amendment rights at the Supreme Court during the Hobby Lobby case. We call on the Senate to swiftly move Kyle Duncan’s nomination to the floor for a vote so he can be confirmed to serve on the Fifth Circuit.”
Family Research Council – President Tony Perkins (Note: Tony Perkins is a pastor in Louisiana and a former Louisiana state legislator)
“I’ve known Kyle Duncan for years — going back to my time in state government in Louisiana. Kyle is an experienced litigator — arguing cases throughout the country including at the appellate and Supreme Court levels. Apart from being well-qualified, I’m certain he’ll adhere to the Constitution.  Now that President Trump has done his part, it’s time for senators to do theirs — and send this nomination to a speedy confirmation.”
Concerned Women for America Louisiana State Leader – Sancha Smith
“Kyle Duncan is a Louisiana success story.  He is ready and willing to serve the American people on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. He, his wife and four children, and his fellow nominees should not be forced to languish in political limbo for months, or even years, because of ultra-partisan delay tactics employed by Senate Democrats. It’s time for all our Senators to do their job, get moving, and confirm nominees like Kyle Duncan as soon as possible.”
Americans United for Life – Deanna Wallace, Staff Counsel
“As a Louisiana native and attorney, I have been fortunate enough to see Kyle Duncan in action in the courtroom on numerous occasions. Kyle’s decades of experience, his respect for the Constitution, and his scholarly approach to the law make him an excellent choice. I urge the Senate to act swiftly to consider and confirm him to serve on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.”
SBA List – President Marjorie Dannenfelser
“Kyle Duncan is a brilliant attorney with wide-ranging experience across the legal spectrum, including his bold defense of religious liberty. He is a native of Louisiana who has served his state proudly. We are so thankful to President Trump for nominating him and urge the Senate to confirm him without delay.”
Faith and Freedom Coalition – Patrick D. Purtill, Legislative Affairs Director
“I got to work with Kyle Duncan when he was representing Hobby Lobby to protect our religious liberties. He is one of the most objective, smart and diligent attorneys I have ever worked with. Louisiana and the whole country would be lucky to have him as a judge on the Fifth Circuit.”