Judicial Nominations Roundup: August 31, 2017

Here is the latest update on the growing number of federal judicial vacancies and the status of the President’s nominees. Once Congress returns from its August Recess on September 5th, we can expect more nominations to be announced in the weeks to come.

Number of total current and known future vacancies: 161

Courts of Appeals: 25

District/Specialty Court*: 136

Number of pending nominees for current and known future vacancies: 32

Courts of Appeals: 8

District/Specialty Courts: 24

*Includes the Court of Federal Claims and the International Trade Court

Nominees Awaiting Floor Votes (Reported by Senate Judiciary Committee)

Courts of Appeals: 0

District/Specialty Courts: 4

Nominees Confirmed by the Senate

Courts of Appeals: 3

District/Specialty Courts: 1

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