Judicial Nominations Update – September 9, 2019

Today the Senate returns from its August recess, and is expected to promptly return to the work of confirming President Trump’s judicial nominees.

First up will be six pending district court nominees currently awaiting confirmation votes. Before the recess, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell filed cloture motions to end debate on their nomination; confirmation votes for the six are expected soon after Senate business resumes.

Over the recess, President Trump announced the nomination of seventeen new judicial nominees, including three circuit court nominees — Steven Menashi and William Nardini to the Second Circuit, and Danielle Hunsaker to the Ninth Circuit.  (Because these nominations have not been formally received by the Senate yet, they are not reflected in the figures below.)

On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a nominations hearing. As of this writing, the slate has not been noticed …

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