JCN’s Severino Praises Republican Senate Rules Committee for Helping End Democrat Gridlock

by JCN | April 25th, 2018

Statement from Judicial Crisis Network’s Chief Counsel and Policy Director Carrie Severino:

“Today’s vote is an important step toward ending the Democrats’ weaponization of Senate procedure.  The cloture process, once a tool to enable orderly debate, is now being abused to create gridlock even over nominees with unanimous support.  In 2013 a majority of both parties agreed to limit unnecessary post-cloture debate; it’s time for the same broad coalition to help get the Senate working again.”


By the numbers:

When President Trump entered office, there were 108 judicial vacancies. Today, there are 180 current and known future judicial vacancies.

  • 27 for Courts of Appeals (12 pending nominees)
  • 153 District/Specialty Courts (60 pending nominees)


  • 35 judicial nominees are awaiting floor votes
  • 33 judicial nominees have been confirmed by the Senate in the past 15 month

Additional background:

  • In August 2017, JCN launched a six-figure ad campaign calling for #GridlockReform
  • Examples: A number of nominees including David Nye, Scott Palk, William Campbell Jr., Walter David Counts III. and Donald Coggins Jr. had previously been nominated by President Obama and were re-nominated by President Trump.  Democrats nonetheless required cloture on these uncontroversial nominees, four of whom were ultimately confirmed unanimously.  
Nominee District Judicial Emergency?  Cloture Vote Date Cloture Vote Outcome Confirmation Vote Date Confirmation Vote Outcome Nomination Debated on Senate Floor
David Nye D. Idaho Yes 7/10/2017 17:59 97-0 7/12/2017 12:27 100-0 7/10/17, 7/11/17
Scott L. Palk W.D. Oklahoma No 10/25/2017 10:31 79-18 10/26/2017 12:03 79-16 10/25/17, 10/26/17
William Campbell Jr. M.D. Tenn. Yes 1/8/2018 17:32 89-1 1/9/2018 14:17 97-0 1/8/2018, 1/9/18
Walter David Counts III W.D. Texas Yes 1/11/2018 12:41 90-1 1/11/2018 13:37 96-0 1/4/11, 1/11/18
Donald C. Coggins Jr. D. SC Yes 11/16/2017 12:34 96-1 11/16/2017 13:48 96-0 1/16/2018