Judicial Crisis Network Launches Ad Attacking Senator Al Franken’s Refusal to Return Blue Slip for Justice David Stras

by JCN | September 13th, 2017

David Stras earned more votes statewide than Sen. Franken

WASHINGTON – Judicial Crisis Network is launching a digital and TV ad targeting Senator Al Franken’s refusal to return his blue slip for the highly qualified Justice David Stras. The digital ad will run statewide in Minnesota for two weeks, and the TV ad will air in Minneapolis, MN for two weeks of Sunday shows and two weeks of CNN and MSNBC shows. This is yet another example of Democrat senators maintaining the gridlock and obstructing the confirmation of President Trump’s highly qualified, competent judicial nominee who will faithfully uphold the Constitution.

Statement from Judicial Crisis Network’s Chief Counsel and Policy Director Carrie Severino:

“Justice David Stras earned more votes and a higher percentage of the vote statewide than Senator Al Franken did. Franken is trying to block the Judiciary Committee from even reviewing Justice Stras’s sterling record and his refusal to return the blue slip for Justice Stras is unacceptable. By not returning his blue slip, Senator Franken is choosing Washington politics over the people of Minnesota.”


Text of the Ad:



Who’s more popular than Al Franken?


Justice David Stras

Stras 80,000 More Votes Than Franken


Franken’s ignoble rejection of Stras nomination

-StarTribune September 7, 2017





Is Al Franken Jealous?


Tell Senator Franken

Grow Up

Confirm Justice David Stras

Call 202-224-5641








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Who’s more popular than Al Franken?


Justice David Stras.


Stras received 80,000 more votes.


Maybe that’s why Franken is blocking Stras’ nomination to the US Court of Appeals.


After all, Stras has support from across the political spectrum, even a top rating from the American Bar Association.


So, is Al Franken jealous of someone more popular?


Someone with bipartisan support?


Tell Senator Franken – stop being petty – grow up.


Confirm Justice David Stras.