Angela Wright Backgrounder

by JCN | February 18th, 2018

Facts about Angela Wright submitted into the Congressional Record by Sen. Alan Simpson – October 15, 1991.

This document provides a look at Angela Wright that casts doubt on her credibility as a witness. It includes details of her checkered employment history and her use of a homophobic slur. It also includes excerpts from FBI interviews with Wright’s former supervisor, Kate Semerad, who described Wright as “vengeful, angry and immature,” and Wright’s friend Thelma Duggin, who described her as “a little shaky on the integrity side.” Duggin also noted that as late as the summer of 1991 (after Thomas had been nominated) Wright still wanted to “get him back” for firing her.

From Congressional Record – Senate


Justice Thomas has testified that he summarily dismissed Ms. Wright because she referred to a male member of his staff as a “faggot’ [Washington Post A22, 10/13/91]

Ms. Wright was fired from her job with Rep. Charles Rose (D-NC) in 1978.  “I got fired because I got angry and walked off the job,” said Ms, Wright. [Quoted in Associated Press, 10/11/91]

Ms. Wright is “a little shaky on the integrity side.” [Duggin, FBI Interview 10/11/91]

Ms. Duggin recalls that Ms. Wright stated, referring to Judge Thomas, “’I want to get him back,’” and “also said she was pissed that he had fired her, ‘” and that she stated “’she didn’t’ write anything about Thomas but she was looking for a way to get him back.’” (Duggin, FBI Interview]

Semerad “advised Wright that she would have to fire her if her job performance did not improve…[B]efore she could fire Wright she received a letter of resignation from Wright claiming race discrimination on the part of Semerad….[I]f Wright had not resigned she would have been left no choice but to fire her.”

Ms. Wright herself has stated that this letter characterized Ms. Semerad as, in her own words, “unfair and racist and insecure and lots of other things.” [Tr., Hill Interview, 10/10/91]

Ms. Wright’s personality is “vengeful, angry, and immature…..Wright took her letter of resignation claiming unfounded racial discrimination claims to Capitol Hill seeking revenge on Semerad.”

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Statement by Jay F. Morris on Angela Wright

Jay F. Morris was a senior official at the USAID while Angela Wright worked there.  In this statement, Morris recounts that, after being briefed on Wright’s abysmal performance, he authorized her termination. Before she was fired, Wright resigned and lodged baseless and vindictive allegations of racism against her immediate supervisor, Kate Semerad. Morris explains that Wright later repeated those baseless allegations to a Senate Committee considering Semerad’s subsequent nomination. Morris notes that Wright’s allegations against Thomas bore “startling parallels” to those Wright had lodged against Semerad.

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Wright’s credibility problems began with her checkered job history. She had been fired from her first job in Washington — working for Democratic Congressman Charlie Rose — after she “walked off the job because [she] got angry.” After a short stint at the Republican National Committee, where she also chalked up a questionable performance record, Wright went to work as a political appointee in the State Department’s Agency for International Development (USAID). She again performed poorly. When her supervisor, Kate Semerad, told her that she would be fired if her work did not improve, Wright resigned and made baseless racism allegations against Semerad. When Thomas was up for confirmation to the Supreme Court, Wright’s pattern of smearing former bosses seemed to repeat.

When her name first surfaced in the Hill investigation, several people expressed doubts about the veracity of any allegations she might make against Thomas. Thelma Duggin, a friend of both Wright and Thomas, told the FBI that she visited with Wright in August 1991 and Wright was still “pissed that he had fired her” and that she “want[ed] to get him back.” This was less than two months before Wright leveled her allegations publicly, and after Anita Hill’s allegations had become public. Duggin also told the FBI that Wright was “a little shaky on the integrity side.”