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Judicial Crisis Network Launches $10 Million Campaign to Preserve Justice Scalia’s Legacy, Support President-Elect Trump Nominee

By JCN | January 9th, 2017

Multi-Million Dollar Campaign Targets Vulnerable Democrat Senators

For Immediate Release: Monday, Jan. 9
Contact: Peter Robbio

Katie Hughes

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) today announced plans for a national campaign to confirm President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court.  Coming off of its historic “Let the People Decide” victory in the Garland nomination battle, JCN will engage a comprehensive campaign of paid advertising, earned media, research, grassroots activity, and a coalition enterprise, all adding up to the most robust operation in the history of confirmation battles.  JCN and its allies will focus on states where Senate Democrats are vulnerable in 2018, particularly those where Trump won by large margins.  JCN spent more than $7 million in its Let the People Decide effort, and it expects to spend at least $10 million to confirm the next justice.

“We are preparing to launch the most robust campaign for a Supreme Court nominee in history and we will force vulnerable Senators up for re-election in 2018 like Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill to decide between keeping their Senate seats or following Chuck Schumer’s liberal, obstructionist agenda,” said Carrie Severino, Chief Counsel and Policy Director of the Judicial Crisis Network.

“Any vulnerable Senator who signs up for Schumer’s obstructionist strategy will pay a heavy price in 2018.  Exit polls showed that over one fifth of voters said the Supreme Court was a primary reason for their vote and of that large percentage of Americans, Trump won those voters by a resounding 57-40 margin.  And he won some of those states by overwhelming margins.  The President-elect clearly has a mandate when it comes to the Supreme Court and this effort will ensure that the will of the people prevails,” Severino continued.

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Ten Takeaways from the Sessions Hearings

By Carrie Severino | January 11th, 2017

Today’s hearings were a home run for Senator Sessions, as Byron York has noted (link: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/article/2611442?platform=hootsuite). The rest of the confirmation process should be smooth sailing. Here are some of the main themes and moments to remember from his testimony:

1. Respect for Rule of Law

Sessions returned repeatedly to his main theme of respect for the rule of law. On several occasions other senators asked him about his position on various issues, from enforcement of the Voting Rights Act, to the FACE Act, to drug laws, to immigration. Across the board, whether it was a law he loved or hated, he pledged to enforce the law as passed by our elected representatives. That’s a big contrast with the Obama administration’s penchant for failing to enforce drug and immigration laws they disagreed with and attacking laws like DOMA in the courts.

2. A Constitutional Check on the Executive

A complementary focus was the Attorney General’s role in ensuring that the executive is abiding by the Constitution, including resigning rather than taking unlawful or unconstitutional actions.

“I think an Attorney General should first work with the president, hopefully that Attorney General would have the confidence of the President, and avoid situations that would be unacceptable. I do believe that if an Attorney General is asked to do something that is plainly unlawful, he cannot participate in that, he or she, and that person would have to resign ultimately before agreeing to execute a policy that the Attorney General believes would be unlawful or unconstitutional.”

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