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JCN Launches Digital Ad Campaign Blasting Biden Judicial Nominee Adeel Mangi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2024 

JCN Launches Digital Ad Campaign Blasting Biden Judicial Nominee Adeel Mangi 

Ads Airing in Montana, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. highlight Mangi’s Refusal to Condemn the Center’s Hateful, Anti-American Views

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today JCN launched an initial $50,000 digital ad campaign in Montana, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. against Adeel Mangi, President Biden’s judicial nominee for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, who is currently under scrutiny for his personal and financial connections to the antisemitic Center for Security, Race, and Rights, based at Rutgers Law School.  Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans announced earlier this week that they are investigating the Center’s funding. 

While Mangi served on its board of advisors, the Center taught students to hate Israel and America and to support global terrorism, blaming America for the 9/11 terrorist attacks – and most recently blaming Israel for the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7th. Several of the Center’s extremist programs featured speakers with terrorist connections, including a convicted terrorist. Senator Ted Cruz recently pointed out that Senate Judiciary Democrats’ support of Mangi shows how willing they are to blindly support any Biden nominee.  

The featured ad, “Stop Antisemitic Adeel,” highlights Mangi’s refusal in his hearing to condemn the hateful and anti-American views of the Center. The ads airing in Montana and Pennsylvania also urge Senators Jon Tester and Bob Casey to vote “no” on Mangi’s nomination to prevent him from a lifetime appointment on the federal court. See the Montana version here and the Pennsylvania version here. 

Stop Antisemitic Adeel Script:

Statement from JCN President Carrie Severino:    

“Why are Senate Democrats so eager to advance a radical antisemite to a lifetime appointment on the federal bench? Mangi is an unconscionable choice for the Third Circuit and President Biden should promptly withdraw his nomination.”



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