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Facts About Kavanaugh Documents


Judge Kavanaugh has been on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals for 12 years. He has issued 307 opinions and joined hundreds more.  He has a comprehensive record of jurisprudence that has been in the public domain for years.

The Judiciary Committee has reviewed hundreds of thousands of documents—more than were submitted for both Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kagan.

Documents submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee pertaining to Judge Kavanaugh’s time serving in the White House Counsel’s and Independent Counsel’s offices are the largest number of executive branch records ever submitted to the Committee for a Supreme Court nominee.

Judge Kavanaugh returned the most comprehensive, bipartisan Senate questionnaire in Judiciary Committee history.

Senator Grassley has allotted more time between the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh and the start date of hearings than the timeline established by former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy for Justices Sotomayor and Kagan.  Senator Leahy scheduled hearings 49 days after the nomination of Justice Kagan, and 48 days after the nomination of Justice Sotomayor.  Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings will start 57 days after his nomination.  Hearings for Justice Gorsuch were held 48 days after his nomination announcement.

The Kavanaugh nomination has been the most transparent nomination process in history. During the presidential campaign, President Trump publicized a list of extraordinarily qualified individuals he said he would choose from to fill Supreme Court vacancies.  Judge Kavanaugh has been on that list since November of 2017.

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