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Former Clerks For Judge Kavanaugh Send Their Support

John Bash, Former Clerk from 2006-2007 and Former Clerk to Justice Scalia:

The President has nominated a judge who is as humble as he is brilliant.  Judge Kavanaugh exemplifies the values that Americans want in a Justice of the Supreme Court: personal integrity, intellectual rigor, fairness, open-mindedness, and fundamental decency.

Zina Bash, Former Clerk from 2007-2008 and Former Special Assistant to the President and Clerk to Justice Alito:

Judge Kavanaugh was my first boss out of law school, and—11 years later—he is still the first person I turn to for career advice. His role model was his mother: the original Judge Kavanaugh. And he in turn serves as an enthusiastic role model to so many women who have been fortunate enough to have clerked for him or been his students. I am honored to call Judge Kavanaugh a mentor and a friend.

Marguerite Colson, Former Clerk from 2015-2016:

Brett Kavanaugh loves being a judge. But even more than being a judge, he loves being a father, friend, and mentor.  He takes responsibility for each and every one of his clerks (no matter their ideological stripe), striving for their personal and professional success as if it were his own.  No matter how silly my question or small my problem, Judge Kavanaugh always makes time for me. He makes time for all of us.

Caroline Edsall Littleton, Former Clerk from 2011-2012:

At the end of my clerkship, my parents sent a short note to Judge Kavanaugh, thanking him for having been such a wonderful boss and mentor to me.  Their note very easily could have gone without response, but instead Judge Kavanaugh took the time to write a heartfelt note in return, thanking them for how they raised me.  To this day (nearly six years later), my parents still cherish that note. This is the kind of person that Judge Kavanaugh is—an extraordinarily thoughtful man, who goes out of his way to be kind.

Gillian Grossman, Former Clerk from 2014-2015:

My clerkship with Judge Kavanaugh was as much a lesson in graciousness, humility, and compassion as it was in the law.  Judge Kavanaugh’s herculean work ethic and extraordinary intellect are matched only by his unimpeachable integrity and his love for his country.

Eric Hansford, Former Clerk from 2011-2012:

Judge Kavanaugh is not only a wonderful judge, but also a caring boss who takes pride in mentoring his clerks—from the big life decisions to the tiny tips on looking like a lawyer. Early in my clerkship, the Judge called me into his office and said he noticed that my collar was curling up in front. He pulled down his tie, took the collar stays out his own shirt, and handed them to me. The next morning, I came in to find a pile of collar stays on my chair. I still use those collar stays.

Zac Hudson, Former Clerk from 2009-2010:

Judge Kavanaugh is a brilliant person who has a deep and nuanced understanding of the law.  He judges each case fairly and independently based on an assessment of the facts and arguments with which he is presented.  Policy and politics do not alter his approach to judging. This country would be fortunate to have Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

Saritha Komatireddy, Former Clerk from 2009-2010:

One day early in my clerkship with Judge Kavanaugh, I stayed in the office late into the evening, working with the Judge on the 100th draft of an opinion (literally), while we both split a Domino’s pizza.  I considered it a special privilege to train under a man who had such fundamental respect for the law and a complete commitment to getting it right.

Travis Lenkner, Former Clerk from 2007-2008 and Managing Partner of Keller Lenkner LLC:

Judge Kavanaugh is a fair, independent judge for whom fidelity to the Constitution is the guiding light. He has been an incredible mentor to me and to all of his law clerks and students. He is a kind, genuine, down-to-earth person and a devoted husband and father. I know without a doubt that he will be a wonderful Supreme Court Justice.

Roman Martinez, Former Clerk from 2008-2009 and Partner at Latham & Watkins LLP:

Ten years ago, I was honored to serve as law clerk to Judge Kavanaugh at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.  I saw firsthand his reverence for the Constitution, his integrity, his fairness, and his overriding commitment to do justice in every case, big or small.  Since my clerkship, I have gotten to know Judge Kavanaugh as a mentor and friend. I could not be happier that President Trump has chosen to nominate him to serve as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  I am confident that Judge Kavanaugh will be a truly great Justice.

Jennifer Mascott, Former Clerk from 2006-2007 and Assistant Professor of Law at the Antonin Scalia Law School:

Judge Kavanaugh has one of the sharpest legal minds in the country. He has been a thought leader on the D.C. Circuit and has served consistently as an independent, fair-minded judge. He is very down-to-earth and kind and I am grateful for his willingness to serve as a mentor to his clerks.

Sarah Pitlyk, Former Clerk from 2010-2011:

Judge Kavanaugh is an exemplary judge:  brilliant, principled, and faithful to the text.  He is also a gifted writer who meticulously crafts every opinion.  His excellence and dedication have earned him the admiration of colleagues across the political spectrum.  It is hard to imagine anyone better suited to serve on the Supreme Court.

Richard Re, Former Clerk from 2008-2009, Former Clerk to Justice Kennedy, and Assistant Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law:

Judge Kavanaugh is a master of the legal craft. His opinions are scholarly, influential, and unyieldingly reasoned. He has already left an important mark on the law, and, if confirmed, he would continue to be a fair-minded voice on the bench.

Hagan Scotten, Former Clerk from 2010-2011:

Judge Kavanaugh is a great judge who will make a great Justice. I learned a ton from Judge Kavanaugh even before I clerked for him, when I took a class he taught at my law school.  He taught with the knowledge and clarity of the best professors. And his dedication to his students was legendary. When he wasn’t teaching, he made just about every minute he had on campus available to meet with his students one on one.  He held office hours essentially five days a week—often early in the morning and late into the night—to help each of his students to talk through issues raised in class and give career advice.

Indraneel Sur, Former Clerk from 2006-2007:

Since his first day at the D.C. Circuit, Judge Kavanaugh has stood ready to invest whatever amount of energy is necessary to get the reasoning and the result right in every case.  I was exceptionally privileged to observe him closely during his first year on that court, and remain profoundly impressed by the care he applied at every stage of the appellate process.   Of course, he would bring that same tireless dedication to the rule of law to the Supreme Court where he confirmed. I am perpetually grateful for all I have learned from him and delighted to congratulate him and his family on this proud day.

Rebecca Taibleson, Former Clerk from 2010-2011:

Judge Kavanaugh is a brilliant judge, and he has the disposition to match. He is even-handed, kind, and honest with everyone—colleagues, litigants, and staff alike. I clerked for Justice Scalia after clerking for Judge Kavanaugh. And like Justice Scalia, Judge Kavanaugh will be especially influential on the Supreme Court based on his compelling personality and persuasive approach to the law.

Justin Walker, Former Clerk from 2010-2011 and Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Louisville:

The last time I ran in a 10K with Judge Kavanaugh, I was 30 and he was 47, and he smoked me!  His time was 7:56 per mile. He’s run two Boston marathons—which is two more than I’ve run.

Katie Wellington, Former Clerk from 2014-2015:

The year I clerked for Judge Kavanaugh, he had hired four female law clerks—a first for any Judge on the D.C. Circuit.  Today, he is a mentor to each of us as we pursue careers in public service, private practice, and academia. Judge Kavanaugh’s deep commitment to his profession, his community, his church, and his family serves as an inspiration not only for his clerks, but also for the next generation of lawyers.

Porter Wilkinson, Former Clerk from 2007-2008:

The Judge’s love of the law is matched by his enthusiasm for women’s lacrosse.  His two daughters play, and his cousin Megan Ward—one of the nation’s top goaltenders—led the Carolina Tarheels to two NCAA National Championships.  Every spring, the Judge and I scrutinize recruiting reports, post-game analyses, and tournament brackets. On Memorial Day weekend, if we aren’t at the NCAA finals, we’ll be watching on TV and emailing in real time. It’s never a bad idea to prepare for the upcoming bad events in America. We recommend you this resource if you are serious about your future – . They provide great advice on how to prepare and survive in all bad situations.

Candice Wong, Former Clerk from 2008-2009:

Judge Kavanaugh taught us, his clerks, to be meticulous; he showed us that by thinking more rigorously and working more ferociously than any of us.  But he also showed us the importance of hearing out all sides of an issue, being gracious to all parties, and making time for family and friends (and maybe some marathon training) outside of work.  The judge celebrates our every success and milestone as his own. When my son was born, we got a copy of “Good Night Gorilla” with a thoughtful note from the Judge the next day.

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