Former Nevada State Bar President quits ABA over political hack evaluation of Lawrence VanDyke 9th Circuit nomination

Comments for attribution/Alan Lefebvre, Nevada State Bar President, 2013/2014.

“It is a sorry day for the nomination process that the ABA letter’s uninformed and anonymous venom would be spudded on paper.

“Lawrence’s reputation for excellence in all he strives to do shines through by a sampling of his written product. Consider his success challenging the Obama administration’s overtime and “waters of the United States” rules, its DACA program, and its sage grouse land plan. And don’t forget he was the counsel of record on a multistate amicus brief opposing Missouri’s exclusion of churches from the Scrap Tire Program in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer before the Supreme Court.

“It would be impossible for a reviewer to challenge such a qualified nominee’s abilities unless he was yoked with an ideologue’s agenda.

“Consider also how the ABA hides its untrue aspersions behind a wall of anonymity. In 2006, then Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, now a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he was “troubled by the ABA’s reliance on anonymous information.” 13 years later, the ABA has apparently learned nothing. This reviewer certainly proved himself unqualified to review judicial nominees.

“So my second reaction to the committee’s letter is to cut up my ABA bar card into 30 pieces. A 38 year member….no more.”

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