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JCN’s Severino on Nominee Lawrence VanDyke

JCN Chief Counsel and Policy Director, Carrie Severino:
“It is difficult to envision a more principled, highly-qualified nominee for the Ninth Circuit seat than Lawrence VanDyke. In his hearing today, he passionately and persuasively demonstrated his remarkable competence and character. Despite the unfounded, last minute attacks against him, VanDyke’s testimony forcefully conveyed his commitment to independence, fair treatment for all litigants, and dedication to equal justice under law. VanDyke has received widespread and bipartisan support from Nevada state leaders and organizations such as the Nevada Firearms Coalition, the Nevada Farm Bureau, and the environmental group, The Western Way. His extensive legal background as Solicitor General for both Nevada and Montana would make him the only judge on the Ninth Circuit with such deep credentials. We look forward to his confirmation.”


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