Judicial Crisis Network Launches Ad Slamming “Religious Litmus Test” Imposed by Senator Feinstein

Senator Feinstein’s Line of Questioning Reeked of “No Catholics Need Apply”
WASHINGTON – Tomorrow, Judicial Crisis Network is launching a ten-day, six-figure digital ad campaign in response to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s disgusting and repulsive grilling of Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Amy Coney Barrett regarding her Catholic faith. The ad is just another example of the ongoing public outcry against Sen. Feinstein’s dangerous line of questioning during Barrett’s congressional hearing. Barrett’s faith should not be used as a political weapon to nix her confirmation. Sen. Feinstein’s faith questions are anti-Catholic bigotry and are just another example of Democrats using any means necessary to block President Trump’s judicial nominees.
Statement from Judicial Crisis Network Chief Counsel and Policy Director Carrie Severino:

“This is going to be known as Feinstein’s Folly. Her line of questioning reeked of ‘No Catholics Need Apply,’ while ignoring Professor Barrett’s stellar qualifications, experience, and fierce commitment to defending the Constitution. Feinstein was fundamentally at odds with our constitutional commitment to religious freedom, not to mention politically tone-deaf.  More than one out of every five Americans is Catholic, and that includes a growing Latino population.  A nominee’s faith should have nothing to do with his or her qualifications to be a federal judge. Period.”



Durbin Clip
Feinstein Clip
Democrat Senators
Catholics need not apply
Amy Barrett
Notre Dame
Catholic Church, Amy Coney Barrett
Democrat Senators
Democrats attack the catholic faith
Afraid to use the term radical Islam
Notre Dame, Notre Dame President WSJ letter grabs
Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. President, Notre Dame
Tell The Democrats
Stop The Hypocrisy
Don’t Attack Catholics For Being Catholic
Call  (202) 224-3121
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Durbin: You refer to Orthodox Catholics, do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?”
Feinstein: “The conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you”
Liberal democrats attacking Amy Coney Barrett, a judicial nominee with sterling credentials and bipartisan support – just for being catholic.
That’s right – the message from Senate Democrats: Catholics need not apply.
Coney Barrett is an esteemed law professor at Notre Dame
But they mocked her for following her catholic faith.
Their hypocrisy knows no limits.
They attack a woman for her Catholic faith, make it a religious test,
While they are afraid to call Radical Islam – Radical Islam.
The President of Notre Dame said these attacks on Catholic faith are “chilling to hear”, and that Coney Barrett living her faith should “command respect, not evoke concern.”
He’s exactly right.
Tell the Democrats.
Stop the hypocrisy, end the religious tests,
Don’t attack Catholics for being Catholic.

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